J.R. Trawick - Because You Can't Do It All

    About J.R. Trawick Company

    Established in 1985, J. R.Trawick Company built its reputation as an expert provider of landscaping services in Montgomery, Frederick and Howard counties, Maryland. The firm undertakes both Hardscape and Landscape projects, providing high quality, custom services that enhance the value and increase the lifetime of clients’ homes and properties.

    The company’s founder, Bob Trawick, has earned the respect and trust of his clients. Bob’s customers have often requested his advice on home-related issues other than landscaping, and his referrals to contractors, craftsmen and other skilled trades people.

    Over the years, Bob recognized that his clients’ lives were becoming more complicated, their commuting journeys longer, and demands on their time more extreme. He noticed these busy people ignoring routine household maintenance until it became problematic and worrisome. He saw them putting off simple household repairs until they became expensive emergencies.

    In response, he established J.R.Trawick’s Home Maintenance Management Services in 2010. Licensed, bonded and insured, it stands ready to serve you. Keep your home in dependable running order, inside and out.