J.R. Trawick - Because You Can't Do It All

    Landscape Services

    J.R. Trawick Company can provide you with the perfect landscape design for your home or business that meets all your needs. Whether it’s a home, small office building, a restaurant or a large commercial project we can create a professional landscape design with the right night lighting, trees and shrubs to enhance the look of your residence or business.

    The life and soul of your landscape is rooted in plants and trees. Using our diverse background in microclimate construction and home garden design, we can turn your backyard into a lush, unspoiled paradise. Familiarity with local microclimates, native plants, and an understanding of natural harmony are essential for proper landscape design. J.R. Trawick Company has all the necessary tools and experience to create an outdoor living area that meets all your wildest dreams.

    Working with local nurseries, J.R. Trawick Company selects the best possible plant material available for your job. Our team can also help with selecting plants to fit your design. Keeping your landscape healthy and vibrant requires adequate watering, we also provide sprinkler system installation and home irrigation systems.

    Our services in custom landscape installation combine architecture and art into a cohesive design that accentuates the best of what your property has to offer. The key to a successful outdoor living area that remains functional year round is balance through varied texture, juxtaposition and color. Whatever your needs, we can help!